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1st in asia and 4th in the world,balclor® bwms successfully approved by uscg
2017-06-08 22:08:00



balclor® ballast water management system, developed by sunrui marine environment engineering co., ltd, achieved the us coast guard type approval on june 6, 2017, ranking as the first maker in asia and the forth one in the whole world.

 balclor® bwms applies a side-stream electrolysis technology with the treatment capacity that ranges from 170-8500m3/h. approved by uscg means vessels equipped with balclor® bwms fulfill the uscg ballast water treatment requirement and are free to travel all around the world, including us waters.

uscg regulation 46 cfr162.060 was announced on june 21, 2012, in which the discharge requirement and bwms approval process were clearly stated. this uscg regulation is widely regarded as the strictest and most challenging approval process. all bwms makers should pass the complex testing procedure in the independent lab authorized by uscg before achieving the uscg type approval. the testing procedure includes landbased tests in different water temperatures and salinities, shipboard tests that last 6 months and environment tests for electrical components. since uscg type approval is the indispensable certificate for vessels travelling in us waters, the major bwms makers worldwide are all applying for it.

balclor® bwms finished landbased and shipboard tests in dhi denmark and finished environment tests for electrical components in tuv sud singapore under the witness of dhv-gl. sunrui made a great breakthrough during the testing procedure and ensured all tests fully fulfilled uscg requirement. now it’s confirmed that balclor® bwms satisfies all uscg requirement regarding ballast water treatment and discharge.

it is a milestone for sunrui that balclor® bwms achieved uscg type approval, reflecting the advanced electrolysis technology and the core competence of balclor® bwms. it is also a convictive evidence that sunrui will provide reliable products with a higher standard to the clients all around the world.