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sunrui obtains the largest bwms retrofitting order in market cover 89 vessels
2018-07-16 17:19:00

      on 9th july, sunrui successfully signed agreements with nyk, the largest ship owner in japan, for installation of bwms on 89 vessels. mr. jiang renfeng, the deputy general manager/chairman of csic, and mr. fu hongtian, the general manager of sunrui, attended the signing ceremony as representatives in tokyo.


      at the signing ceremony, mr. naito, the general manager of nyk, said that they are very pleased to cooperate with csic and its subsidiaries. he also mentioned that sunrui company had achieved great success in global bwms markets based on the advanced technology and strategy. mr. jiang renfeng said that it is very honored to establish such a strategic partnership with nyk, and csic will be continuously committed to provide qualified products and better service. he also mentioned his willing of further cooperation between csic and nyk in the new-building vessel and repairing business. subsequently, the special management committee of nyk signed the purchase order with the general manager mr. fu hongtian for the bwms equipment.


      nyk is one of the oldest and largest shipping companies in the world which was founded in 1885, and has a fleet of about 800 ships. since 2013, sunrui has been cooperating with nyk on its new-building vessels and retrofitting vessels and established a solid partnership with nyk. the contracted order signed in tokyo is the largest single order in the global ballast water market which covers vlcc, large bulk carrier, mega container ship, chemical tanker and etc. sunrui will make great effort to ensure the correct execution of nyk projects, and provide better and qualified service to the global clients.